A Case Study of an Organization’s Strategis HR Approach to Integration into the EU: The Romanian Border Police

Firth Janeth, Nichita Dan


This year ten European countries will gain accession into the European Union, thus not only changing the size but its very nature. Europe has become a much more diverse place, with huge variations in the wealth of its member states. Romania, one of least developed countries of Europe, is working towards accession for the next phase in 2007. The paper presents a snapshot of an organisation preparing for the EU in 2007, the Romanian Border Police, and attempts to present a realistic picture of incidents encountered over a short period (ten months), as the organisation begins to develop and implement its HR strategy. The focus of this research is a group of Human Resource Development senior managers, and the impact they have had on the development and implementation of the strategic plan. In order to facilitate the modernisation project the main HRD specialists (regionally based) were given an opportunity of studying a postgraduate certificate in Human Resource Development at the University of Wolverhampton Business School. The research attempts to reveal whether the managers now have the necessary knowledge to facilitate the changes, and how this knowledge has been transferred into the workplace.


HR strategy;accession into the European Union;Romanian Border Police

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